M-INTERIO offers you the highest quality product, which is characterized by fine workmanship, high-quality components and guaranteed long term use.

For the production of our clip frames we use: painted in white on the sides HDF board with a thickness of 3 mm, reliable, high-quality clips and safe plastic glass.

We guarantee fast realization of the order and competitive prices.

We offer the following standard sizes:

  • 10x15 cm
  • 13x18 cm
  • 15x21 cm
  • 18x24 cm
  • 20x25 cm
  • 20x30 cm
  • 21x29,7(A4) cm
  • 24x30 cm
  • 28x35 cm
  • 29,7x42(A3) cm
  • 30x40 cm
  • 30x45 cm
  • 40x50 cm
  • 40x60 cm
  • 50x60 cm
  • 50x70 cm
  • 60x80 cm
  • 59,4x84,1 cm (A1) cm
  • 61x91,5 cm
  • 70x100 cm
  • 100x140 cm


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